He and his father had similar experiences with racism in the armed forces.

1926 – 2020

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Nurvin was born in Belize City, British Honduras (now Belize) in 1926. During WW2 Nurvin joined the Royal Air Force and first travelled to Jamaica for initial training and then to England. After six weeks further training in England, he was posted to an RAF camp in Wiltshire to serve in signals as a wireless operator.

Nurvin became a regular airman after the war ended, went back to Belize for a few months, returning to England on Empire Windrush on June 22,1948 at Tilbury Docks. His future was secure as an airman and he rose to the rank of Sergeant.

While stationed at Uxbridge Nurvin often went on leave to London to the Paramount Club where he and many of his colleagues enjoyed dancing and where he was to meet Eva Maud Webb, whom he later married.

Nurvin and Eva went on to have three Children Nurvin Jnr., Edward and a daughter Evelyn, three grandchildren: Faye, Sheree and Tarn, and two great grandchildren Robin and Martin.

As a married couple, Nurvin and Eva were stationed in Singapore, Cyprus and Aden, and various locations in England. But there were several postings overseas viz Singapore.

He and his father had similar experiences with racism in the armed forces. During WWI, his father, a serviceman in the British West Indies Regiment, was often attacked by White English soldiers. While Nurvin was stationed in Singapore he and his wife, a White British woman, often had to fight such servicemen who often made their lives uncomfortable.

The RAF had been reluctant to send West Indian airmen overseas, believing that they couldn’t integrate with the ‘natives’. It was quite the opposite. While in Singapore, Nurvin was made welcome whereas English servicemen did not always show them respect.

Nurvin’ s last transfer was to Uxbridge, were he finally settled with his family. On leaving the RAF he worked at London’s Heathrow Airport for the CIVIL Aviation Authority in the Queens Building.

On retirement, taught Black History in schools, served as Treasurer, then as Welfare Officer for the West Indian Ex-services Association (now West Indian Association of Service Personnel).

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